THINKING to Empower

You in a changing WORLD

Pitman International Training Conference 2017

22 September   Grange Hotel London


“I felt truly empowered, I know that I need to get more of a career plan. it was brilliant I can’t explain how much I enjoyed every aspect of the course and this just topped it” 


“Was useful to know that it’s not just me who doesn’t feel comfortable with networking.  Got a few useful tips  …You can network absolutely anywhere!”


“Excellent session, Susie really got the most out of our group by encouraging participation”


“I always enjoy Nicky’s sessions, lovely trainer”


“Nicky was brilliant. I learnt a lot about people’s possible perception of me and how I might try to come across in a more assertive and positive light in the future.”


“Great session and I really liked the style (very professional/engaging and witty)”


“Margaret is just about perfect.  If Margaret had taught me every subject at school I would be a different person now.  Margaret was extremely captivating”


“Useful, interesting and makes me want to learn more.   I left the hotel on a real high and thoroughly enjoyed myself”